Elementary Teachers and PDAs

I just finished a 2 hour training session with 10 elementary school teachers in a small grades 3 and 4 school.  They were given the PDAs 24 hours prior to the session.  I was shocked at how interested they all were and very willing to explore and take time to learn.

Every once in awhile I break out of my pessimism about public school educators and really enjoy their enthusiasm.  Tonight was ne of those times.

Not sure how this all plays in but this particular school is small (7 classrooms), has a large percentage of younger teachers (at least 50%), and has all ready been initiated intot he personal tech world (they were all issued iBooks 2.5 years ago).

The issuing of iBooks to all Elementary teachers is still, in my mind, the best thing we have done to move the ICT literacy of staff forward…now if we coudl just do that for/with students!?!?!


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