A week without an OS… or OSfasting

I am toying with the idea of stealing a page from the Chris Pirillio playbook and trying a week without _____. Chris tried a week without Google with mixed results. I want to try a week without using my OS. Now give me some liberty here. What I mean by life without my OS is that I want to try a weeks worth of normal tasks by only using applications that I can use thru the browser (not OS based clients). Examples will include Gmail, Meebo, Writely, Backpack, etc. The plan is to blog about the experience as I am doing it (using wordpress.com).

Therefore, I challenge myself to drop the OS and live in Firefox for one week..maybe on a laptop running a live LinuxCD so I can't cheat! (I will let you know when it starts)

NOTE: I will have blog posts specifically marked as OSfasting category and I will use my results to build a presentation for public consumption. 


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