Leadership is…

Tonight is my last class of a Leadership Theory course I am taking thru Sacred Heart University. The course is part of an Educational Administrator certification program (092 if you are in CT). The professor asked us to summarize for him what leadership is as defined by this course. This is my take below:

Leadership is all about relationships

Leadership is not black and white but very grey

Educational Administration is about leading and managing and balancing the two

Leadership is about walking around

Leadership is about talking to people

Leadership is about finding the facts and acting on them

Leadership is critical to school success

Leadership is getting the right people "on the bus"

Leadership is about asking the right questions

and listening to the answers

Leaders must know the rules better than anyone

Leaders must have a vision (or be actively looking to create one)

and help others create one togther

Leaders must not be afraid to act on new information and change the vision

Leaders must be constructivist because

those being led often have more information

Leaders must develop new leaders

Leadership is not easy

Leadership does not have to be hard

Leadership changes (as do all things) and leaders must change with it!

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