Outsource and Open source and Web 2.0….oh my!!!

This is the brief summary of presentation proposal I sent in for the CECA (Connecticut Educators Computer Association) 2006 Conference in the fall.

Presentation Title (for the conference brochure):

Outsource and Open Source and Web 2.0 (Oh My!)….I can live with out the “Oh My” if you think it is not professional…

Abstract (40 -50 words, for use in the conference brochure; subject to editing).

Students should be using “real world” tools not dumb downed and restrictive “educational” tools if we truly want them to have student-centric, authentic learning experiences. Thru outsourcing, open sourcing, and the Web2.0 movement every user has opportunity to leverage cutting-edge 21st century information and communication tools. Why are we not using these in K12 schools today? What are the barriers and how can we navigate thru them? This session will answer these questions and provide classroom examples of the benefits of outsourcing edtech utilizing open source technologies and Web 2.0.

Additonal concepts I want to cover (in no particular order) but that I didn't submit:
-Freemium (the business model that "works" for schools)
-ALan November NYscate keynote…WOW!
-Teach them how to defeat "me" (get past old school tech. coordiantors that don't change and don't see the big picture)
-Local PC becomes the backup (espically with Spotlight tools locally…don't need to organize…and tagging tools remotely ex. Writely)
-Policy issues (have samples, good and bad, how to change)
-OpenOFfice (ODF adopted by more…think fo archive purposes)
-Skype (and Skype hardware phone) and Gizmo Project (great fro recording conversations) -Student centered (who is doing the work???)…design and facilitate, do not "teach"
-Students must be allowed to "interact with the curriculum"
-Pre-req: ISP 5x9s…if not lobby for this…you would if it were the copier! (defeat me)

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