Blogging Beyond Technology Conference

I am going to be attending the Beyond Technology Conference next week in Springfield, MA on May 1st and 2nd.  Straight from the site:

"ALIGNING Education and Work
ADVANCING Technology Use and Skills
ACHIEVING The Competitive Edge

TRANSFORMING Not Integrating

Attend the conference that will give you a real look at learning in the future. Beyond Technology will bring international experts to New England to share their visions on technology in educational and workplace settings – and to present best practices for developing the skills needed to be successful in the global, high-tech work environment."

I am looking forward to the conference for two reasons.  One, to see some of the keynote speakers (specifically Will Daggett) and two, this conference will hopefully be a good combination of educationand business.  I think it is important for these two to meet more often.  Not so that educators can "better prepare students for work life" but so that educators and those in the private and piublic sector can work togther to create individuals who are challenged and learn thru authentic experiences and are better prepared to be active participants in a global society.

I will be blogging from the sessions I attend…stay tuned! 

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