CECA UnConference: Spring 2007?

I have been hearing more and more these days about groups moving to the unconference model. An unconference has no "speakers" and "attendees" only "participants." Dave Winer coined this term and this idea in 1998 (See his definition here or Doc Searls here). His fundamental principal is:

"The sum of the expertise of the people in the audience is greater than the sum of expertise of the people on stage."

By making everyone a participant, the idea is that everyone will benefit (learn more and more of what they want) more from the conference both individually and as a whole.

I think CECA should host an unconference in the Spring (just in time for budget season). The barriers to entry are almost nothing (entrance fee would cover the rental of space or find a free host south of Hartford), have everyone bring their own lunch (or host near food), use CECA to plan and advertise, run multiple tracks depending on who attends, and prepare people before hand in the rules of an unconference and what to expect (this will obviously limit the attendance because people will be nervous to be a "participant" instead of a passive listener but the first time out should be more manageable).

Discuss at the next meeting for Spring 2007.


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