Beyond Technology: Kickoff Keynote

We just finished the kick-off keynote presentation from Dr. Bill Daggett. He is an emotional speaker who kept things moving. He believes that the public school system in the US is the best in the world (grad rate, diversity). The general theme of the talk was an update of "The World is Flat" with an educational slant. The big picture is that whether we like it or not China and/or India or both will soon be eating out lunch and if we don't change our educational system soon we won't even be able to grab their coat-tails. The educational walk-away was about the skills-gap. Daggett believes that the rate of change taking place outside of schools is faster than that taking place inside the schools. His leverage point for changing this is to focus on the student. Decisions should be made in favor of students every time.


No nation preeminent economically for more than 100 years…
1600 spanish
1700 Dutch
1800 British
1900 American
….China or/versus India and/or Eastern Europe (China more committed to equity than India more committed to equity than Eastern Europe)

01-24 GI
25-45 Silent
46-60 Boomers
61-81 Generation X (best edu in history yet still dependent on parents)
82- Millennial (Totally unrealistic about the future)

"Our schools are a museum and we are the curators." 


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