Blogs not “Smart” Boards

Alan November (in his keynote to the 2006 NYSCATE conference) says:

SmartBoards ate teacher centric; blogs are student centric.  In a world of limited resources, where would you put your time and money?

Mike Muir (from the Blog Every One Learns – Pedagogy, Technology, Motivation) says:

"Other Type I examples include drill and practice software, student response systems ("clickers"), and SMARTboards. Each of these are more efficient ways of doing what teachers have done for a long time. But, since we aren't really changing what teachers have done – we aren't changing eduction – they won't mean that we will reach more students than we have in the past or that our schools will achieve anything they haven't done in the past. There's an old saying that if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten – even if you're doing it more efficiently."

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One Response to “Blogs not “Smart” Boards”

  1. Smart Boards Says:

    That’s why its the time that we should do interactive things and get interactive responses in classes.

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