UnConference…ideas from Beyond Technology

I pitched my CECA UnConference idea to Scott Nierendorf today at the Beyond Technology conference. Scott is the Director of Educational Technology at CREC. He has offered to host the event. Here is the latest run down of planning ideas:

Location: CREC

Date: During school year

Time: All Day

Entrance Fee: Minimal to free

Sponsor: Maybe CECA to get the word out…maybe a vendor to supply tech resources….maybe lunch!??!?!

Schedule: To be determined by participants the morning of…

Theme: Maybe

Short Keynote: Maybe one (around a broad general theme)…or not

Product: Capture ideas via positon paper, podcast, blog entry….

Repeat regularly…this unconference should be a test run consisting mostly of technology folks.  The idea would be for us to learn so that we could facilitate this model with teachers.  Almost unconference meets Lennon Bus but not limited to just technology topics…

One Response to “UnConference…ideas from Beyond Technology”

  1. Scott Says:

    This is an idea that we cannot afford to not act on. I will follow up with the CREC Tech Council this week, and we keep the ideas flowing.


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