Beyond Technology: Day 2

Today has been a very thought provoking day. We started with Susan Patrick the former head of the Federal DOE Educational Technology Group. Her thesis was that we need to transform schools, not "integrate" good and new ideas into an old outdated model. She proposes that online learning is the key to breaking out of this old model. SHe highly recommends GoVHS.

"online learning is not for everyone"
"(delivery mechanism) learning is not for everyone"

The second talk of the day was by Eric Klopfer from MIT. He is researching and building video games for educational use. HE discussed the use of commercial video games such as Sim City and Civilization. He is also working with Kurt Squire on developing graphical programming tools for students to learn programming and to build games. More info can be found at His general premise is that video games and game designers can add to education and the educational discussion because games model the way that "good" learning happens.

The lunch keynote was by Michael Furdyk. More info on Michael and the amazing things he has done and is doing can be found at


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