A laptop for every student….one way

It would appear that the budget for new and replacement desktops and laptops for Stonington Public Schools next year is going to be around $80,000. Forget the fact we have students needs K-12. Forget the fact that we don't know what we will get next year. Forget the fact that we have many, many, many other needs (including the need for more tech support.)

There are approx. 800 students at Stonington High. $80,000 divided by 800 students is $100. Lets assume we get that for 3 years (and there are no toher district needs). So we can theoretically apply $100 per year for three years to student technology.

Lets also say that students/parents are able to kick in $20 per month.  This could be earned thru service learning work, raised via fundrasiers, or simply from parent pocketbooks.  Over the ten month school year that is $200.

So we are talking 3 year, $100 + $200 = $300 for student technology.  This could be done every year.  Students get a laptop freshman year.  They use it for 3 years.  Get a new one Senior year and are prepared with a laptop for college or an underclassman could purchase and take over payments for 2 years.

Financing could be done thru vendors or posisbly thru larger salary accounts of the BOE.

$900 for a digital device (laptop)….free, open source, and web2.0 software….minimal but solid wireless infrastructure to support the laptops with mobile printing and projection kiosks.  Then we can actually get to teaching and learning……….


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