Law and Finance: Sacred Heart 092: Day 4


DONNA Maynard- Montville Special Ed Director

-procedure is key (timelines…)
-running an effective PPT
-what is a disability…idea v 504…when….what is appropriate…
-how is ARTICULATION defined, what does a student with this problem look like
-retention has NOT been proven to have an educational benefit!!!
-what is OHI???
(OHI, 504, ADHD over diagnosed…)

ESD – extended school year – look at MOONEY pg 361

QUESTION: Verify can’t talk money in PPT, how do you control costs? (PD for admin., do youir homework, other)

FIRM: Klebenoff…good, hard special-ed law firm

N.E.A.T. Marketplace – in Hartford (assistive technologies showcase) – PIRI

IEP: NFA is moving towards individualizing programs for EVERY student
*****is this where technology will truly make a difference*******

STudent expulsion – page 273
-3 affirmative votes from BOE
-gun free school act (local agencies must expel students for one year if bring weapon)
-student can never be suspended for more then 10 days at one time
-no more then 10 TOTAL for SPED students


Can’t be spent to the office more than twice a week or 6 times a year,must have a meeting – MOONEY pg 292

SUpreme COurt says corporal punishment not violate bill #8

State rules for corporal punishment – MOONEY pg 292-3

TESA – teacher expectations and student achievement

–courts typically side with parents
–determine where they live before you let them in (harder to get them out)
–legal custody not required
-immigration status
–if they live in the district they have a right to school
–can’t ask there immigration status

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