Law and Finance: Sacred Heart 092: Day 5

Tom – new Principal
-99% of job is common sense
-step back before you act, “what is best for kids”
-join administrative hiring committee (be a leader)

Jeff – new assistant (SHU fairfield guest lecturer)
-use your district resources wisely to gain knowledge (spec ed, custodian, food services, etc)

-what is good instruction
-special ed (especially for asst. principal) – PJ case…time with non-disabled peers
-entry plan
-research school (SSP, special programs, ….)
-understand CMT, CAPT
-“What is the most common misperception people think of you.” – never have a bad day
-advice: be visible and listen
-score a prompt every once in awhile

Use the guiding questions for manifestation determination
-based in 504 or SPEC ED law
-special ed coordinator would know
-Mooney book

If you give parents enough time to talk they usually give you enough rope to hang yourself.


Judy Arin-Krupp – BOOK: “Ages and Stages”
-mainstreaming special ed students…number of hours in classroom…
–YELLOW, not in trouble but careful
–RED,not meeting with tenants
-must exhaust personal and tech before taking out of classroom
Inclusion must be looked at on a case-by-case basis
-too much can harm students as much as not enough
-benefits for regular ed students
MAIN THEME for CLASS: Content v process…elaborate in 6 page journal…
-know the paperwork!!!!
-know roles and responsibilities
-know the law because the parents DO! (or at least have one on your team)
-listen and be receptive (this works wonder…just listen to)
READ the MOONEY SPED chapter again!!!
READ major cases…… for 6 pager)
-DAVE: intent of law good…
-must notify if teacher is not qualified (when notify parents for a long term sub=four or more consecutive weeks)
-directory policy, military AND institutions of higher learning
-classification of “alternative” schools
-what does HOUSSE plan stand for?
-district to district does not have to recognize individual interpretations of “highly” qualified
-look at NCLB presentation***
-failing schools must create a plan
What are possibilities to pool/utuilize school districts in SECT
-health care
-tech spending
Religion in School
-religious songs…careful (don’t need to avoid)
-can’t promote, can’t inhibit
-you can have a school concert in church or synagogue (make sure you move it consistently)
-LemonKursman (3: can’t in hibit, can’t promote, can rent building)
School Budget


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