Law and Finance: Sacred Heart 092: Day 6

Day 6


Fully insured or self insured

Montville self insured (stop loss of 125,000)
-stop loss is insurance on your insurance…liability for self-insurer has a ceiling
-what is the trend?
-338k in claims per month
-prescriptions are rising the most
-trend up about 12%

Self insure because OVERALL it is cheaper

To switch from SELF to FULLY insured…district must pay run out costs…


-must bargain in good faith
-can look at the past (long remembered)
-side letters can be used to change agreement mid-stream without opening
contract and not setting a precedent
-“Scope of Bargaining” – Mooney 440
-decisions on curriculum and school closings need NOT be negotiated
-lengthening school day or days MUST be negotiated
-“holiday turkey” example – significantly the past practice rules cuts both ways.
-past practice is not defined by one time but consistent practice for one group
“just cause” – Money 454
-time lines pg 463 (between 240th and 210th days first meeting, 160th day enter mediation, 135th day enter arbitration…arbitrators appointed by governor…historically 50/50 overall)

?WHat is stipulated arbitration.?

Columbia (Pfizer, Putnam) – IBB – Interest Based Bargaining
-both sides sitting together, not lawyer v lawyer
-saved $$$ (24k down to 6k includes training)
-more personal

-Columbia gives surplus back!?!?! (Good or Bad?)

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