Podsafe Music….but how do I find it???

Adam Curry and Podshow have created a fabulous resource for podcasters and music fans at music.podshow.com.   Podsafe music is music that is safe to play in a podcast.  The producer of the podcast and the listener are technically free from any fear that the RIAA will swoop down and demand money.  The PodSafe Music Network is also a great place for unsigned and indie bands to make a name for themselves.  Adam Curry believes this is how music will be discovered, listened to, and purchased in the future.  I love the site and I love the possibilities.

My one request is…Adam…please make it easier to”browse” the site for music.  Searching is fine if I know what I am looking for.  Browse features (similar to what is found on iTS now) would make this thing really work!

My $.02


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