David Warlick at CECA

David Warlick gave the keynote address at the CECA Conference 2006. I got a chance to talk with him the night before the confeence when we were setting things up for the next day. I have followed David quite closely the past 2 years via his blog and podcast.

During the course of the day I heard from numerous attendees how “enjoyable” and “enlightening” the keynote address had been. I missed it but I am looking forward to listening to the audio version in the CECA podcast (the keynote and all breakout sessions will be avilabel 11/01/06 at http://feeds.feedburner.com/CECA).

IMHO, David does a remarkbale job at making connections between the technology we use and our learning needs and objectives. While many of us often get sidetracked into discussing technology for technology’s sake, David has a knack for bringing the conversation back to how the technology will impact student learning. His remarks as well typically involve the “new” technologies that specifically impact learning as opposed to the scatter shot school of thought that “all technology is good” which we see at most conferences. These technologies include but are not limited to wikis, blogging, podcasting, many Web 2.0 applications, etc.

David…you continue to speak and the people are listening…thank you and keep spreading the good word!

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