Metaverse and Multiverse

I just read a great article about the 3D virtual worlds marketplace, where it has been, where it is going and analogies from near technology history.

The Next Big Thing – TSC Daily

I can not do a better job than the article all ready does discussing the move from a 2D data world (current WWW) to a 3D connected world (what WoW and SL are starting to show us signs of) so I am not going to even try. What I did find very interesting was the discussion in the comments section. There seemed to be two camps. One making the case for the current 2D WWW as the optimal format for exchanging information and the other making the case for a 3D WWW which the first camp seems to think would be excessively cumbersome and bloated simpyl for information exchange. I immediately see a third way. Why can’t I “live” in a 3D virtual world and be able to view media when needed in a 2D world when appropriate. IF we have both the 2D and 3D technology at our disposal why not take advantage of both, inetgrate the two, and use each when needed.

Read the article and read the comments….very interesting as to where we might be going! Long live Netscape….


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