Cheap mp3 player, podcast content, and exercise!!


I wish there was some way we could get public schools to embrace inexpensive digital media players, content accessed via podcasting, and the need for human beings to get more exercise so as to produce smarter, healthier, people with information to share to hopefully help all of us make better decisions.


Fix Copyright


Current American copyright law is broken. Too much information (raw material) is kept locked away from the public domain. To utilize ICT and make better decisions that affect all humanity we must as a society have access to more of this information to do with it as we see fit.

-Legislative action
-Reinterpretation by judiciary
-Education of users regarding fair use

Please support the work of Larry Lessig and

Why David Warlick seems smarter than me…

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking to David Warlick in a small group and later hear him speak at our conference. I am constantly amazed at the thoughtfulness of his comments and ideas and how he is able to make profound connections. I think I have finally shed some light on how he has become so wise beyond his years. From our talk, I realized that he reads and listens to far FEWER blogs and podcasts than I do and spends more time blogging and podcasting (i.e. reflecting on what he has read and heard) as opposed to me who reads and listens to anything I can get my hands (or ears) on. David always says that “blogging is all about reading.” I must do a better job of reflecting thru blogging and podcasting. Why didn’t I learn this lesson in school???

Adobe Apollo and Parakey…

I thought it was interesting to randomly read 2 articles in the past 2 days discssuing 2 approaches to a new “hybrid” technology.

Adobe Apollo


I am not sure where this is going but I like the idea of combining the 2 (local OS and web apps/services).

-local cacheing

-ease of use (1 layer not 2)

-offline use

-don’t have to choose