Why David Warlick seems smarter than me…

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking to David Warlick in a small group and later hear him speak at our conference. I am constantly amazed at the thoughtfulness of his comments and ideas and how he is able to make profound connections. I think I have finally shed some light on how he has become so wise beyond his years. From our talk, I realized that he reads and listens to far FEWER blogs and podcasts than I do and spends more time blogging and podcasting (i.e. reflecting on what he has read and heard) as opposed to me who reads and listens to anything I can get my hands (or ears) on. David always says that “blogging is all about reading.” I must do a better job of reflecting thru blogging and podcasting. Why didn’t I learn this lesson in school???


2 Responses to “Why David Warlick seems smarter than me…”

  1. Mark Says:

    I know in regards to school, when i was taught to research we were told to include as many sources as possible. With the internet today this makes information overload to easy. I still find it hard not to reasearch something to death.

    Blogs and Podcasts are still pretty much personal opinion as they are self produced without a editor etc… If you listen to everyone elses opinion it is often hard to see the light that is your own. Add to that the amount of time it takes to process each, and you may not have enough to come up with your own idea’s.

  2. David Warlick Says:

    Mark and Clint,

    I think that one of the powers of blogging and other avenues of self-expression, is that it forces you to reflect and synthesize information carefully, within your own frame of reference. You do it carefully, because when you blog it, you are responsible and accountable.

    As a wise man once wrote, “the times they are a changing,” and we are certainly in changing times. In changing times, conversation (which is what blogs are) is where answers to brand new questions will come from — and conversations go both ways.

    I certainly did enjoy the Connecticut conference.

    — dave —

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