Data Portability, PLE’s, Drupal, and Amazon S3

I just finished listening to Steve Hargadon’s latest K12Opensource Podcast and I have to say it really got me thinking. Steve BTW has a great podcast for those who are interested in educational technology.

Last week (end of November 2006) Steve interviewed Stephen Downes and this week it was Bill Fitzgerald from FunnyMonkey.

The main take away for me from the interview with Stephen was the concept of moving from VLE’s or Virtual Learning Environments (like Moodle, Blackboard….boo, Sakai, etc) to PLEs or Personal Learning Environments.

Also mentione dbriefly,but I think improtantly, was Drupal and its use as a potential PLE and the requirement for all data to be portable.  I couldn’t agree more.

As I play with it more I can’t help but wonder where Amazon’s S3 service, or at least the concept, plays into the idea of PLEs and ubiquitous computing.  I will continue to play.


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