Wiimote, Skype, and Second Life

I just saw a great video on Youtube of a Nintendo Wiimote being used on a MacBook Pro running Halo 2 in Bootcamp on Windows XP SP2.

What if…..we could take this functionality, throw a little integrated Skype in, and apply it to Second Life. I love Second Life but I find it a bit cumbersome to quickly and easily move around (and fly) in the 3d environment. Not impossible, not even hard, but cumbersome. I also want to “talk” to people….not always chat, but talk.

So if I could talk to fellow Second Lifers via integrated Skype (or equivalent) in world and I can move around physically in world with the Wiimote I think Second Life (or any other popular virtual world for that matter) becomes significantly more accessible and more intriguing to non-early adopters. I think this is important becuase we can then really start to see if the Second Life vitrual world interface has the possibility to unseat the keyboard, mouse, monitor, 2d interface paradigm we currently are stuck with.


One Response to “Wiimote, Skype, and Second Life”

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