One more Wii thing…head mounted Wiimote!

As I was going to bed last night I couldn’t get the Wiimote video out of my head (see last post). I was also thinking about Phillip Torrone from MAKE Magazine and the work he has done with Second Life regarding virtual glasses (ie monitors in wearable glasses versus a typical monitor)  and other hacks.

The thought that I couldn’t get out of my mind was…

What if we found an elegant way to strap the Wiimote onto ones head….keeping the other end of the Wiimote in your hand. One would then navigate the Second Life environment by simply turning your head while viewing the world in some sort of glasses/monitor. Head movements would guide looking up down left right, turning etc. The other controller could handle flying, interacting with objects, etc. And instead of the keyboard we could possibly integrate Skype for communicating with others as well as the interface via voice commands.  I would love to see the Makers out there (in addition to the good folks at Linden Lab) to take a shot at this.

BTW – Can you please throw in Hero Protaganist’s Librarian while you are at it!!?!?!?

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