I have been experimenting with more and more Linux distributions lately and I have to say they are getting very good….Ubuntu (Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Linux Mint), Ulteo, and my personal favorite PCLinuxOS. The beauty of these linux distros IMHO is the ability to customize my OS experience easily and freely (as in “free” beer and as in “freedom of speech”). Open source and free software make this possible. I can use it, modify it, and share it!

The reason I said PCLinuxOS is my personal favorite is for one specific reason. PCLinuxOS has the ability with one command for me to create an exact replica of my installed OS on a liveCD/DVD.

Why is this so important? For me having the ability to 1) create a backup of my computer environment that can be put on a CD/DVD that can be run live and/or installed is the most important but also 2) I can customize and share the OS with different groups. Saving others the time (and struggle) to configure the OS as they would like (add flash, openoffice, etc) and to tweak the GUI to make it more friendly and even to add content/subscriptions that the user might like is very important.

The “mklivecd” command that only works on PCLinuxOS (and Mandrivia Linux) is a the gem that makes this all possible.  I recently spoke to the creater of this command and he stated that he has no plans to port it to other distros.  I understand why and I appreciate him creating it in the first place but I would love to see it work wih Ubuntu!?!?!?

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