You ask and you shall receive! – Glubble

Not even a day after I wrote my last post I read on TechCrunch about a new Web 2.0 site named Glubble.  Glubble is attempting to solve the problem parents have regarding their young would be web surfers.  Glubble is a Firefox extension that allows parents to build/manage/customize a web white list for their children.  The service will eventually include the ability for parents to access other parent created white lists and/or pool approved lists.  My one complaint is that the default white list is small and there is no option fo filtering based on category.  That being said, I think this site has a lot of potential…stay tuned!


Content filtering Web 2.0 style…please

This is a request to all of the Web 2.0 developers out there.  As a parent with a 6 year old who is becoming more and more interested in the Internet by the day, I am looking for a hosted content filtering service that I can point my son’s browser thru.  The service should be free (or low cost for advanced features).  I want as many proxies as I can manage each with customizable settings (if I want one for my four year old daughter and one for my six year old son).   I want to be able to choose to filter by content type and/or a white/black list.  I want full reporting of what traffic is requested and passes thru the proxy.  I want to be alerted via my choice of messaging service when a site is blocked.  I would even like the service to summarize in general terms the types of content and types of topics that are going thru the proxy.  This service could be advertised thru schools.  This service could also be pre-configured in freely distributable customized copies of your favorite Linux distro.  When the right developer reads this, let me know and we can get started!!!