Educational Technology “Certifications”

It would appear to me that it is only a matter of time before my current job (Director of Technology for a public school district in Connecticut) becomes a certified position.  Not necessarily in the traditional sense of certification such as teaching and administrative certifications, but as in school districts wanting directors of technology that are certified in education and in technology.

We have been waiting for the state department of education in Connecticut to create a certified Director of Technology position/program.  My hunch is that we will continue to wait for sometime.  However, public school districts in Connecticut (and I am sure in other states as well) are not waiting.  Many of them are posting job openings that require certifications in technology and education.  Often it is not specific as to what the exact certifications must be but they must be an educational certification and a separate technology certification.

Gone are the days of a teacher with a proclivity to use technology in his/her classroom sufficient preparation to take on the growing demands and importance of educational technology leadership in a school district.  Who will guide the ship towards 21st century skills and knowledge?  We must have formal training programs (and eventually a state sponsored certification) that help produce the educational technology leaders our students need and must have to be productive citizens of a “flat” world. 

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