Asus Eee PC…second impressions….

I have now been using the Eee for  3-4 days now and contineu to be very impressed.  I am impressed espically from the view point that we can and should be putting this machine in the hands of students.  I do have some first generation gripes:

  • Software installation:  I can only install what Asus allows me to install.  The point of running a FOSS system is to have open access to many, many apps.  The only way around this is to install extensions/add-ons in FireFox (which works very well).
  • Wireless networking:  I can connect fine each time, but that is the problem.  Each time I restart or sleep/wake the computer I must manually re-connect to my open wireless network.
  • Flaky BIOS: I tried to install the latest BIOS upgrade.  Once restarted I couldn;t use the built in scratchpad.  Another restart seemed to remove the BIOS update and return scratcpad control to me
  • Trackpad button:  It is great that it is one button with two sides(right and left click), however, the button is way to stiff.
  • Easy GUi only….I want full control of the Linux environment or at least the choice of one or the other.

And some praise:

  • I am writing this connected to a Samsung Syncmaster monitor and a usb keyboard and mouse.  This a a wonderful way to use the laptop as a full-fledged workstation.  Only problem is that I have to keep the lid open on the laptop.  if not the machine sleeps.
  • Just tested a basic headset with mic…worked great connected via 1/8 male for both.  USB adpater didn’t work at all.  Easier/cheaper to find the working 1/8 male!

Overall…when this thing gets to $300, I will recommend it to EVERY parent!

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