gOS: Interesting but not intuitive

After reading about gOS and the $200 machines it comes on now selling at Walmart, I had to try it for myself.  I downloaded the torrent, fired up Azureus, burned the DVD, and tried it on my Dell 610.


  • gOS is a custom version of Ubuntu with close Google integration (hence the g in gOS)
  • Instead of installed apps, much of the functionality is based around one-click access to Google’s suite fo web-services
  • Frees and open source OS

First impressions:

  • Clean interface
  • Not very intuitive
  • Couldn’t remove mounted drives from desktop
  • Unusual implementation of an OS X type doc (Apps on one side minimized apps/docs on the other)


  • I love the integration of web apps and installed apps in the OS.
  • I think the GUI is to different from XP, KDE, Gnome, and not enough like OS X
  • Everything feels v1.0 because it is v1.0….I will save any more time playing with this distro for v2.0

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