Q: What is a CLUMPC

A: Cheap Linux Ultra Mobile Personal Computer

EeePC and the Rise of the CLUMPC

I personally own the Asus EeePC and feel as if I am using the first real device that can make it to the mainstream American classroom.  Linux is the key to making it cheaper (no MS Windows tax saving 20%-25% and cheaper components that Linux runs on just fine). FOSS is the key to making it usable (free software that can be installed with a click or two).

Will Asus dominate or will other (OLPC) take market share?

Will they run MS Windows or Linux?

Will they get bigger screens and larger solid state memory?

These are important questions but ultimately not the most important.  What is critical is how will instruction change (or will it) when for the first time most (if not all) students will be able to have a digital, Internet connected device at their finger tips 24/7.  The “CLUMPC” helps to solve part of the equation but certainly not all.

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