EeePC at work: Day 1, Post 1

So I have decided, to really put the EeePC thru its paces I must use it myself.  What better way than to use it exclusively at work (REMINDER: I am the Director of Technology for Stonington Public Schools in CT, USA).  I have hung up my MacBook, attached a monitor, usb keyboard, and usb mouse to the EeePC, plugged into the wired network and I am up and running.

I will post a blog entry today and everyday this week with my thoughts.

-Up and running using web-based apps in firefox immediately
-Installed ScribeFire add-on to blog (using it to write this)

-Didn’t recognize manually configured 1024×768 resolution immediately.  Had to set it 3 times to get it to stick.  Problem was that bottom OS tray was stuck in the middle of the screen still displayed for native 800×400

Need to test more/MISC:
-Because I am testing with the minimum specs EeePC ($299 model) the 512mb of RAM seems a touch slow.
-I don’t miss OS X yet….haven’t done any multimedia work….

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