EeePC at work: Day 2, Post 1

I want to start day 2 with some of my reflections from day 1.  I am still using the EeePC as my main machine.  That is a good sign.  The bad news though is that I feel I need to make a big change (see #3).

  1. The machine is too slow for regular web-browsing and productivity apps.  I figured that becuase this thing was running linux, firefox, and openoffice, 512mb of RAM would be sufficient.  I was also trying to keep the price point down under $300 (I am using the base $299 model).   I think a full 1gb of RAM would do wonders for my experience, assuming it would speed up firefox.  I live in Gmail, Gcalendar, and Gdocs all day.  Anyone know if this thing is upgradeable?
  2. The keyboard is still a problem.  My external usb keyboard solves that problem but I am very leery of writing anything more than a few notes and/or an email or two with the built in keyboard.  I am wondering if a 9-10″ model of the EeePC could accommodate a full sized keyboard?
  3. I am ready to try a new OS for two reasons.  One, I am hoping I see a speed increase and two, I want a full OS not the “lite” version that comes preloaded.  I have two choices to do this.  The first choice would be to turn on the full version of the existing OS (Xandros I believe) or I could install a flavor of Ubuntu.  Yes, I could install others but I am partial to Ubuntu and PClinuxOS doesn’t have an EeePC version hacked together yet.  The key will be finding a different OS that can still handle the power mgmt features for this particular machine (stand-by, lid-shut, etc.)

I will continue thru day 2 as is and keep you posted on any OS changes.

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