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An hour and a half with Barack Obama

This is a blog post from Marc Andreessen creator of the Netscape browser, co-founder of Ning.com, and financial supporter of both the Obama and Romney campaigns.  Marc has some interesting insight into Obama, the man and what he represents, having been able to spend 1.5 hours with him before the campaign kicked into high gear.  Red meat for the faithful, but I think Marc does a great job in capturing why so many of us adore this man and see him as the leader we so badly need.


Obama ’08!!!

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How Dangerous Is the Internet for Children?

Great article from David Pogue today!


Nice to have evidence concerning what many of us have assumed all along (Internet dangers have been and continue to be over-hyped).  That being said, my other take away is that we really should continue to be having more discussions around cyber-bullying and empowering students with strategies to deal with this phenomenon.

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