Thoughts on [R]evolution in Teacher Education session

From the program:

Carla Zembal-Saul, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Science Education 

When it comes to transforming education settings, colleges of education have traditionally been perceived as part of the problem rather than a central player in the revolution. This session 

will share the story of how one school-university partnership has contributed to the simultaneous renewal of veteran teachers, university faculty, school administrators, curriculum support 

teachers, and field supervisors – all in the service of enhancing children’s meaningful learning and educating the next generation of professional educators. Inquiry serves as both a core 

value and common practice within the community. Learning technologies that support inquiry into practice (e.g., video analysis software) are integrated throughout the partnership. In a 

reciprocal way, digital pedagogies are thoughtfully applied to children’s learning opportunities and assessed through teacher inquiry. 

See examples of how pre-service and beginning teachers are learning to engage their students in 21st century learning. Hear from veteran teachers and university faculty about how 

collaborating and systematically examining their practices have led to dramatic changes in school district and teacher education curriculum. Find out how school and university 

administrators are supporting the process and documenting unprecedented changes in their learning communities. Transformation is possible when we work together!

This session appeared to have potential but was somewhat disappointing.  The format was “stand and deliver” and the discussion was largely based around data that was not put in context  and hardly readable (very small font).

The examples of actual work at the Penn State College of Ed and its partnership with an EPDS (Elementary Prof. Dev. School) are very interesting.  I wanted to hear more about what makes this program unique and what the successes/failures have been.  An intro and discussion of this work plus a round-table discussion woul dhave been better.  First 25 minutes was practically useless.  I would recommend inetgrating the beigning data into the discussion of the EPDS to give it context.

Good take away thought: “tech integration” is not necessarily “21st century learning”….make this explicit with those you work with


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