“Who is going to question the way we do business?”

Random Thoughts – Day 1

I am too tired and overwhelmed to bring this all together but I wanted to share some of the random ideas I was “saturated” with today and which I am currently “incubating” on:

The average K12 classroom in the USofA is indeed “boring”

There is no such thing a a “digital native”

Everyone in an organization plays a role in R&D…if they don’t they should be replaced/removed/fired

MySpace is the 3rd largest country in the world

Creativity: Saturation->Incubation->Illumination

Schools are based on convergence, the world is based on divergence

Johnny Lee is a divergent thinker

I want to create a parady of the old Apple “Think Different” ad for Ewan.  It would be called “Think Divergent[ly]”

Be a “retro-planner” not a “pre-planner”

Peer assessment online will lead to summative assessment genius (“2 stars and a wish”)

A Question for tomorrow?

What are the activities that can lead students to divergent ideas/thinking versus brainstorming/convergent ideas/thinking?


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