Prensky’s “Backup Education” and 21st Century Curricula

Still thinking about the Marc Prensky presentation I went to at BLC 2008.  I put Marc Prensky in the same category as Newt Gingrich.  I both very much appreciate the fact that they are innovative and creative thinkers searching for new solution to existing or old problem.  I also think approx. 50% of their ideas are brilliant and 50%  are….not.   That being said, Prensky mentioned his take on curriculum and what he terms “Backup Education (click HERE for his article).  I think it is an interesting piece and I see it being used to spark a conversation among administrators, teachers, parents and students regarding what should and should not be in the “21st Century” curriculum.   Should we continue to include cursive? (No!) Should we continue to include the memorization of math facts? (Yes…for now)  Should we include handwriting?  How much content should we be teaching versus process across all levels?

If I were Superintendent I would include this article in my opening day packet.   I would be willing to bet, if nothing else it would spark a deeper conversation about curriculum and the “what” in our schools.