Reflections…EDUCON 2.2

Had some time on my train ride home early this morning (30th street at 5:22am).  Reflections on my first EDUCON:

  • it was/is truly about the learning
  • it is about conversations, on-going
  • it is done through tech (use of tech/network is a prerequisite)
  • my PLN is feeling fresh and expanded
  • the heavy hitters in this space are obvious and important
  • Chris Lehman was online after mid-night Sunday night after the conference??!!
  • more water less soda next year 😉
  • put students (and only students) on the panel for Friday night!  Let them pick the topic(s)
  • have the opening keynote be a “sophomore” EDUCON participant (maybe @profespringer)
  • I will return…