MOOC Update #2

So both courses have started.  I am not sure with work, kids, and life if I am going to be able to participate as fully as I would like in both.  Of the two, the digital storytelling course appears to be the course I can circle back to after the fact.   Not sure what the value is in participating in real-time.  The CCK11 course, however, is one I want to particpate in actiuvely during the sessions.  This includes the live sessions held in Elluminate twice per week but also with other participants as the course is palying out.  I recently stumbled across a post from a CCK11 participant who had 5 goals.  One goal was to “engage with at least 5 CCK11 participants.”  In the spirit of sharing I am going to share this goal with her.   Kristibroom….whats up?!

I believe I have also started narrowing down how I am going to get my arms around making the CCK11 MOOC more practical for me.  I am very attracted to the open and de-centralized nature of these types of courses, but I would be lying if I did not admit I am still struggling with my participation process and how to maximize my learning.  I think the first strategy I will use is a mantra.  The mantra being “how will connectivism impact my work.”  More speciically, how does/could the theory of connectivism be used in my work as the CTO of a public school system and how should this theory translate and be used with public K-12 students?

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“Our ability to learn what we need for tomorrow is more important than what we know today.”


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