Leopard upgrade

Overall…not bad!

Spaces…OK, Time Machine….not earth shattering for a laptop, 3D dock…..ho hum, Spotlight….FAST!

Best part is the overall speed of the system.   Everything is much snappier.  Overall…..happy I upgraded.

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“Google, Apple and the future of personal computing’

This article by Nick Carr seems very seasonable and very reasonable.  This can’t make Microsoft happy.  I wonder where FLOSS fits into all of this???  Both Apple and Google use FLOSS software.  Will the system be closed (AppleTV, iPhone, etc) or will Apple and Google let the “community” have their say.  Time will tell.  Regardless, this article should be on anyones list who cares about what their computing environment will look like in the near future.

A laptop for every student….one way

It would appear that the budget for new and replacement desktops and laptops for Stonington Public Schools next year is going to be around $80,000. Forget the fact we have students needs K-12. Forget the fact that we don't know what we will get next year. Forget the fact that we have many, many, many other needs (including the need for more tech support.)

There are approx. 800 students at Stonington High. $80,000 divided by 800 students is $100. Lets assume we get that for 3 years (and there are no toher district needs). So we can theoretically apply $100 per year for three years to student technology.

Lets also say that students/parents are able to kick in $20 per month.  This could be earned thru service learning work, raised via fundrasiers, or simply from parent pocketbooks.  Over the ten month school year that is $200.

So we are talking 3 year, $100 + $200 = $300 for student technology.  This could be done every year.  Students get a laptop freshman year.  They use it for 3 years.  Get a new one Senior year and are prepared with a laptop for college or an underclassman could purchase and take over payments for 2 years.

Financing could be done thru vendors or posisbly thru larger salary accounts of the BOE.

$900 for a digital device (laptop)….free, open source, and web2.0 software….minimal but solid wireless infrastructure to support the laptops with mobile printing and projection kiosks.  Then we can actually get to teaching and learning……….

Recording a Podcast Conference Call….the options

As I have said previously, I want to start an edtech version of TWIT. One of the first decisions I/we have to make is how we will connect and record our shows. I want to keep the system as simple as possible because I want to keep post-production editing as short and simple as possible. These are the options I see:

iChat and GarageBand3 (can AIM clients be recorded or must everyone be on iChat and thus a Mac?)

Gizmo Project (everyone needs gizmo or I could get hit with big line charges, but it does have a built in recording feature!!!)

Skype (universal but no recording, I would have to mess with Audio Hijack, etc.)

So what should I use??? Your comments are appreciated!

Apple Gaining and Parallels

I presented to a intermediate level technology edtech group today in Hartford. The theme of my talk was podcasting and how it can be used instrictionally in the k12 classroom. I was impressed with the overall interest. I contineu to be plagued, however, about the amount and types of resources that are needed for the integration of information and communications technologies into the curriculum. Podcasting is a great example. It has so many uses and can provide authentic connections not before possible, but, we need the staff, time, knoweldge, etc to make it happen.

On another note…I saw the new Parallels software boot windows XP in 30 seconds in a windows running in OS X on a new MacBook Pro…so cool!

Podcasting 1% to 25%

A recent Forrestor report stated that while 25% of people polled are interested in podcasting, only 1% actually download and listen each week. Lets assume, for the sake of argument, that this is true. What excellent growth potential the podcasting market has with such a huge gap between those who “do” and those who “want” to listen to podcasts.

The study also discusses the rise of existing content repackaged as podcasts over original podcast content. IMHO, there is plenty of room under the podcasting tent for all. And this will make it a better tent to be in becuase of it!

Use the same Windows install for dual-booting and virtualization

The press has been going nuts over Apple’s Boot Camp…and frankly so have I. There is also a small camp that sees the dual boot option as not enough. Virtualizing Windows (or Linux) in the Mactel environment is what they want. I say…why not both!?!?

If you could use Apple’s Boot Camp AND virtualization software for Mactels like Parrallels Workstation 2.1 Beta AND you could switch between the same windows image we could all have the best of both worlds. To simplify, I see this allowing me to traditionally dual boot into either OS X or a Windows install OR I could boot into OS X and use the same Windows install in an OS X window. You can have one or the other or both and it is the same windows install.