Multi-touchscreen..Jeff Han…future of computing!?

Many of you saw the hugely viral multi-touch video from last year. Jeff Han is back with a new and updated version of the video. It is absolutely amazing!

I thought this was timely especially with the rumors swirling around that Apple is going to integrate their own muti-touch technology (see the upcoming iPhone) and use it in their line of PCs.

What would a multi-touch device allow a learner to do that we can’t currently do???

First, it would solve Alan Novembers problem with SmartBoards…it would make them a student (as opposed to teacher) centric device.

Second, it would change the way we interact with computer.  We would move from conforming to the mouse/keyboard world to a more intuitive “touch” world.

Third, we can better bring the world of data analysis to the masses thru data virtualization.

Fourth, no more learning (or re-learning) a specific GUI.

Fifth, it is really cool!