Podsafe Music….but how do I find it???

Adam Curry and Podshow have created a fabulous resource for podcasters and music fans at music.podshow.com.   Podsafe music is music that is safe to play in a podcast.  The producer of the podcast and the listener are technically free from any fear that the RIAA will swoop down and demand money.  The PodSafe Music Network is also a great place for unsigned and indie bands to make a name for themselves.  Adam Curry believes this is how music will be discovered, listened to, and purchased in the future.  I love the site and I love the possibilities.

My one request is…Adam…please make it easier to”browse” the site for music.  Searching is fine if I know what I am looking for.  Browse features (similar to what is found on iTS now) would make this thing really work!

My $.02


Wiki created student/teacher texts

In May of 2006 I wrote a blog post which discussed the sad state of textbooks in public education. Today I am going to try to get down some of my ideas on how to fix this issue.

What if we no longer used traditonal textbooks?
-what are the benefits (cost savings,  more authentic texts, more varied content, content alligned to curriculum, etc)
-what are the costs (what will students use, where will it come from, how much will they cost, will it allign with the curriculum, how do students get them/use them, etc)

What is we had teachers and students build “textbooks” togther?  What if textbooks were no konger a thick hard-covered papaer book but a collection of electronic and paper resources created by teachers and students.

What if teachers and administrators used some/all of their PD days to prepare maetrials for students?  They could use web resources, existing texts, each other, etc.  They could publish this content online, as paper copies, via a blog or email or even a wiki.  Students and teachers could then add/modify these resources over the course of the year/years.

-Relevant (to curriculum) and easily modified content
-Up-to-date information
-Owned by teacher/students
-Potentially cheaper
-Lives on year to year
-Sharing with others
-Others can add (if wiki format)

WiMax, Linux, Surplus Hardware, and a community in need….

Wouldn’t it be nice to use these elements and start truely addressing the “Digital Divide” issue? With government (fed, state, or local) subsidizing the WiMax, businesses and school providing the surplus hardware, the online community providing the software tools and expertise, I guess we just need an organization to get it started…..anyone interested???

Law and Finance: Sacred Heart 092: Day 6

Day 6


Fully insured or self insured

Montville self insured (stop loss of 125,000)
-stop loss is insurance on your insurance…liability for self-insurer has a ceiling
-what is the trend?
-338k in claims per month
-prescriptions are rising the most
-trend up about 12%

Self insure because OVERALL it is cheaper

To switch from SELF to FULLY insured…district must pay run out costs…


-must bargain in good faith
-can look at the past (long remembered)
-side letters can be used to change agreement mid-stream without opening
contract and not setting a precedent
-“Scope of Bargaining” – Mooney 440
-decisions on curriculum and school closings need NOT be negotiated
-lengthening school day or days MUST be negotiated
-“holiday turkey” example – significantly the past practice rules cuts both ways.
-past practice is not defined by one time but consistent practice for one group
“just cause” – Money 454
-time lines pg 463 (between 240th and 210th days first meeting, 160th day enter mediation, 135th day enter arbitration…arbitrators appointed by governor…historically 50/50 overall)

?WHat is stipulated arbitration.?

Columbia (Pfizer, Putnam) – IBB – Interest Based Bargaining
-both sides sitting together, not lawyer v lawyer
-saved $$$ (24k down to 6k includes training)
-more personal

-Columbia gives surplus back!?!?! (Good or Bad?)

Law and Finance: Sacred Heart 092: Day 5

Tom – new Principal
-99% of job is common sense
-step back before you act, “what is best for kids”
-join administrative hiring committee (be a leader)

Jeff – new assistant (SHU fairfield guest lecturer)
-use your district resources wisely to gain knowledge (spec ed, custodian, food services, etc)

-what is good instruction
-special ed (especially for asst. principal) – PJ case…time with non-disabled peers
-entry plan
-research school (SSP, special programs, ….)
-understand CMT, CAPT
-“What is the most common misperception people think of you.” – never have a bad day
-advice: be visible and listen
-score a prompt every once in awhile

Use the guiding questions for manifestation determination
-based in 504 or SPEC ED law
-special ed coordinator would know
-Mooney book

If you give parents enough time to talk they usually give you enough rope to hang yourself.


Judy Arin-Krupp – BOOK: “Ages and Stages”
-mainstreaming special ed students…number of hours in classroom…
–YELLOW, not in trouble but careful
–RED,not meeting with tenants
-must exhaust personal and tech before taking out of classroom
Inclusion must be looked at on a case-by-case basis
-too much can harm students as much as not enough
-benefits for regular ed students
MAIN THEME for CLASS: Content v process…elaborate in 6 page journal…
-know the paperwork!!!!
-know roles and responsibilities
-know the law because the parents DO! (or at least have one on your team)
-listen and be receptive (this works wonder…just listen to)
READ the MOONEY SPED chapter again!!!
READ major cases…… for 6 pager)
-DAVE: intent of law good…
-must notify if teacher is not qualified (when notify parents for a long term sub=four or more consecutive weeks)
-directory policy, military AND institutions of higher learning
-classification of “alternative” schools
-what does HOUSSE plan stand for?
-district to district does not have to recognize individual interpretations of “highly” qualified
-look at NCLB presentation***
-failing schools must create a plan
What are possibilities to pool/utuilize school districts in SECT
-health care
-tech spending
Religion in School
-religious songs…careful (don’t need to avoid)
-can’t promote, can’t inhibit
-you can have a school concert in church or synagogue (make sure you move it consistently)
-LemonKursman (3: can’t in hibit, can’t promote, can rent building)
School Budget

Law and Finance: Sacred Heart 092: Day 4


DONNA Maynard- Montville Special Ed Director

-procedure is key (timelines…)
-running an effective PPT
-what is a disability…idea v 504…when….what is appropriate…
-how is ARTICULATION defined, what does a student with this problem look like
-retention has NOT been proven to have an educational benefit!!!
-what is OHI???
(OHI, 504, ADHD over diagnosed…)

ESD – extended school year – look at MOONEY pg 361

QUESTION: Verify can’t talk money in PPT, how do you control costs? (PD for admin., do youir homework, other)

FIRM: Klebenoff…good, hard special-ed law firm

N.E.A.T. Marketplace – in Hartford (assistive technologies showcase) – PIRI

IEP: NFA is moving towards individualizing programs for EVERY student
*****is this where technology will truly make a difference*******

STudent expulsion – page 273
-3 affirmative votes from BOE
-gun free school act (local agencies must expel students for one year if bring weapon)
-student can never be suspended for more then 10 days at one time
-no more then 10 TOTAL for SPED students


Can’t be spent to the office more than twice a week or 6 times a year,must have a meeting – MOONEY pg 292

SUpreme COurt says corporal punishment not violate bill #8

State rules for corporal punishment – MOONEY pg 292-3

TESA – teacher expectations and student achievement

–courts typically side with parents
–determine where they live before you let them in (harder to get them out)
–legal custody not required
-immigration status
–if they live in the district they have a right to school
–can’t ask there immigration status

Law and Finance: Sacred Heart 092: Day 3

ED650 Day 3

EducationWeek – legal briefs (must read as educator/administrator)


Grove City – Title IX
-facilities (locker rooms)
-practice times

DSAP does not count towards tenure

Read Part-time MOONEY for page 191 – LEA

TRB – only 50% or more, less than 50% of time -> social security

Retirement – BEST 3 years not LAST 3 years

Fast track Tenure

April 1st is magic number for letting people know they are not up for renewal

LEGAL QUESTION: Mike or Mike….can I use the tech dept example at SHS


-must follow evaluation process
-Pg 206 ( 6 reasons for termination)

Sick leave – entitled to 15 sick days per year (150 total)

Superintendents can be required to live in town…teachers can not.


-essential for job, CAT, etc
-check MOONEY chapter
-History – CCI to CCT
-EValuation must include
–areas needing improvement
–strategies for improvement

“further incidents….will lead to further disciplinary action up to and including termination of your employment in the Montville Public Schools.”


DAVE: ” You can’t hiccup tenure law”

DRESS CODE for STAFF: mandatory subject for bargaining

MOONEY: CHild abuse – pg 232

-neglect of duty
-prof unfit
-moral ineptitude
-automatically if convicted of CERTAIN crimes
-break security of state wide exam

BUY: Connecticut Education Law Book – CT State BOE