Adobe Apollo and Parakey…

I thought it was interesting to randomly read 2 articles in the past 2 days discssuing 2 approaches to a new “hybrid” technology.

Adobe Apollo


I am not sure where this is going but I like the idea of combining the 2 (local OS and web apps/services).

-local cacheing

-ease of use (1 layer not 2)

-offline use

-don’t have to choose


No more tiers!

“Fundamentally, education and the Internet serve the same purpose. At best, both transfer knowledge. At least, both transmit information. ANd just now both are at risk from the same general quarter.”
-Editor, eSchool News, APril 2006

This is in reference to the telcos and certain elements on the “right” and their attempts to make Internet access and education seperate tiered arenas where those with more $$$ get more and better access.

Why I Blog

I have been blogging for years and years now. The first time I was asked about it was in a keynote address by Alan November. He asked a crowd of 500 attendees and only 2 of us raised oru hands. This was in 2002.

At the time I didn't even realize what I was doing was blogging. Starting the day after Goerge Bush was "selected to be President in 2000, I decided I was going to track the ups and downs of his presidency, to hold him accountable, on my then new website Defeat Reality. Over the years this site has gone thru many revisions, as you can see if you go there, but the general theme has stayed the same. It started out as a list of links editedin MS Frontpage originally and now has grown to a blog that I can submit stories to via email. I still need to check if offers that feature…it is bvery handy!

With all the talking I am doing aorund this subject I have felt guilty I didn;t have my own personal blog to show and direct people too. This is now it!

My inspiration came from hearing the author of the "A VC" blog discuss why he blogs when he was interviewed on a Newsweek Podcast. I am in desperate need of a platform to better express my thoughts. And more importantly, I need to force myself to better organize my thoughts and reflect on them. Just like my Defeat Reality site, even if no one visits I will be budiling a personal data/knowledge warehouse that I can tap when needed.

My pledge is to blog for me. If others find a benefit in it I would love that, but I do not require this for it to be beneficial.

My first blog entry

I had to start it at some point. This is the first post in my new personal blog. See “” to see my longtime political blog.